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Leading Through Change: Foundations of Resiliency

Empower your team with applied tools and practices in this interactive and engaging session.

The leadership and workplace landscape is changing at a rapid pace. At the societal level we navigate global concerns such climate change, rising geopolitical tensions, societal inequities, and daily uncertainties. Professionally we’re called on to steer through transitions, mergers and acquisitions, and the pressures of technological transformation. Financial expectations are constantly changing organizational stakes. Keeping up has become the focus instead of innovation and an achievable workflow. The pace, the distractions, the weight to perform is unrelenting.

“Efforts to deepen your focus will struggle if you don’t simultaneously wean your mind from a dependence on distraction.” Deep Work, Cal Newport, PhD, Author.

Understanding the capacity of resiliency and the potential of focused awareness are powerful tools in navigating all aspects of leadership and team collaboration. In this neuroscience-based workshop we harness the potential of the mind and learn how to effectively engage focus and aUention. We explore the default mode network, the potential of introspective (mindful) intelligence, mindset and reframing and the brain’s innate neuroplasticity which can grow resiliency, enhance clarity, and empower more alignment and flow (aka: balance and harmony!) at work and in life.

  • Understand the foundations of resiliency: clarity, mindset, community & mindfulness.
  • Connect to resources and the potential of community.
  • Maintain balanced and “whole” through actionable wellbeing practices.
  • Manage mental overload and inner narrative.
  • Understand the potential of mindful awareness to navigate times of change.

This engaging session offers strategies that support individuals in their leadership journey and teams in their work as a collaborative unit.

The material is accessible, participatory, experiential, and applicable. Participants take away a toolkit of resilience building resources to navigate today’s leadership and teamwork landscape.

Rates are based on location, length of session, group size and format (In person or live virtual).

The Power of Mindset: Taking Back the Narrative through the Power of Neuroplasticity

Optimize the brain’s capacity, explore perspective, and connect your team to the potential of reframing.

We live in a world of expectations, demands, distractions and competing priorities. The same technological tools that make our work and lives easier may also hijack time and mindset. We juggle responsibilities at work, in our communities and a home. We fill up our lives and wonder how we will be able to get it all done. A week can seem like a crazed ride on a runaway bus where the jumble of work projects, timelines, budgets, stakeholder and leadership expectations overlap and compete with personal responsibilities, family plans and time to recharge.

Mindset and reframing are powerful tools in navigating all aspects of leadership in life. Internal mental chaUer is part of being human, but the narrative doesn’t always have our best interests in mind). The “story” in our heads can play a significant role in how we assess, review, and decide on a course of action in our work and in choices we make beyond our careers. Separating thoughts from facts, seeing the story for what it is – just a story – is a valuable leadership skill for all of life.

In this workshop we’ll dive into the potential of optimism and reframing and learn about the role neuroscience plays in shifting the narrative.

  • Befriend mental chatter.
  • Discern facts from stories and thoughts.
  • Understand the role of mindset.
  • Use the capacity of the brain’s neuroplasticity (ability to rewire) to shift the narrative.
  • Bring a reframed perspective to everyday life and leadership.
  • Connect to the power of optimism and appreciation.
Rates are based on location, length of session, group size and format (In person or live virtual).

Facilitation Services

With an engaging and insightful facilitation style that blends accreditation through UCLA’s, Mindfulness Awareness Research Centre (MARC), Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behaviour and over two decades of leading in front of the flip chart as both a client and agency-side senior executive Nicola Bentley creates a space that is informed by the dualities of structure and the pursuit of effectiveness while encouraging open, fulsome, inclusive dialogues about the topics that matter most in leadership today.

Exceptional facilitation is about managing a partnership and working towards an achievable, realistic outcome. When a strategic session wraps up it should be straight forward to answer the question “Where are we going now, what is our focus, how will we get there?” The facilitator is the conductor and coach; the client team provides the expectations and the content. The two collaborate to create insightful and realistically actionable strategies and workplans.

Nicola has worked with Fortune 500 brands across North America and has experience with clients in sectors including resort development, retail, finance, government and not for profit. She lends her market insights and a broad leadership lens to any facilitation setting. Over two decades of experience she has created results in: strategic planning, marketing communications, envisioning and storytelling, stakeholder engagement, community relations, and tactical brand activation planning.

Nicola’s facilitation approach is informed by her training in Canada and the US in Equity and Indigenous Cultural Training Programs:

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Nicola Bentley

Founder, Lead Educator: Nicola Bentley, IMTA, CMT-P