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Leading Through Change

Empowering Personal Leadership Resiliency, Focus and Fulfilment.

One-on-one executive coaching program

In our rapidly evolving world change and transition are leadership constants. But change doesn’t have to hijack your sense of agency and skillfulness in the face of uncertainty. Whether you’re steering into a new leadership role and managing a merger, leaving a long-term personal relationship or a career, moving cities, raising a pre-schooler or caregiving for someone you love this one-on-one coaching accountability program is structured to empower you with resiliency and a toolkit of resources to navigate any transition, at any stage of life.

The foundation of Leading Through Change is accountability and applied resources. As your partner in resilience-building the program empowers you with knowledge, neuroscience, everyday mindfulness practices and coaching support to bolster resiliency for leading in all aspects of life – at work, in your community and at home. 

We explore the spectrum of awareness and weekly “practice tasters” as you build your own toolkit of applied mindful resilience. We explore inner narrative (that mental chatter that is often negative and unrelenting) and how it can play a significant role in how we assess, review, and decide on a course of action in our work and in choices we make beyond our careers. The monkey in your mind doesn’t always have your best interests in mind.

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Find Fulfilment (and Harmony) Out of the Frenzy

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This signature accountability offering is designed to help declutter thinking, focus attention and empower skillful, wise responses in the heat of almost any moment, any time in life.

We’ll dive into the neuroscience of resilience and mindful awareness and learn practices to strengthen mental fitness and self and situational awareness. We explore our default mode network, the potential of mindful awareness (introspection), mindset and reframing and the brain’s innate neuroplasticity which can grow resiliency, enhance focus, and bring more alignment and flow (aka: balance and harmony!) to life and work.

This unique offering is based on an accountability partner-coach relationship that blends evidence-based neuroscience and resilience building tools together with one-on-one support in a format where weekly take-home tools include applied mindfulness for real life.

Impacts to Your Resilience

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reported the top stressor was increased work volume compared with pre-pandemic levels
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reported the second highest stressor was related to the desire to provide adequate support for the wellbeing of staff
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SOURCE: Wellbeing and Resilience in Senior Leaders, A risk to post-pandemic recovery (Lifeworks and Deloitte, 2021)

Leading Through Change

Accountability Partner Executive Coaching Program

In this 6-session accountability-partner program,  the participants shall …

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Who will benefit from this interactive Program:

This is for professionals navigating demands in all aspects of life.

We live in a world of expectations, distractions and competing priorities. The same technological tools that make our work and lives easier may also hijack our time and mindset. We juggle responsibilities at work, in our communities and a home. We fill up our lives and wonder how we will be able to get it all done. A week can seem like a crazed ride on a runaway bus where the jumble of work projects, timelines, budgets, stakeholder, and leadership expectations overlap and compete with personal responsibilities, family plans and time to recharge. Learning to say “NO” with clarity in the interest of self preservation has become a vital leadership and life skill. 

Transition is the new normal as we navigate childcare, healthcare, and eldercare alongside full time work. With mergers and acquisitions taking place at a dizzying pace leaders must also navigate transition and change as part of their regular routine. Change is the constant we must learn to lead alongside. 

Leading Through Change empowers your resilience and bolsters introspective awareness with tools and practices that put you back in the driver’s seat of your life.

The Format and Flow:

The six sessions will flow in a consistent 60-minute live virtual format including time for checking in, an accountability update, discussion of the resilience pillar for the week and experiential mindfulness practice time plus take-home practices.

All content and discussions are designed to be cross-contextual, so they serve participants both personally and in their professional roles. The curriculum includes fundamentals of resiliency including:

Clarity and Intention

This is a situational audit with a light, kind touch. This can also be referred to as the “reality check” where capacity, focus and honesty play key parts.


We have a choice as to the inner narrative we listen to. By tapping into the language of possibility (without judgement) we can connect to potential instead of limitation.


The circle that you draw energy, inspiration, rootedness, and support from such as teams, leaders, family, community, and other resources of any kind that you can draw on to bolster your resilience.

Mindful Awareness

Mindfulness is the quality of how we pay attention. By building proficiency with mindfulness everyday, we are better able to navigate the ups and downs inherent in all aspects of life.

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Leading Through Change: The Art and Neuroscience of Resiliency and Reframing
One-on-one executive leadership and resilience-bolstering program.

6 live virtual Zoom sessions (60 mins): $3,750 plus GST.

Sessions are pre-booked for the same day and time per week. Sessions are not transferrable.

Meet Your Resiliency Expert
Nicola Bentley

Founder, Lead Educator: Nicola Bentley, IMTA, CMT-P

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