Elevate your people and your workplace culture.


There’s never been a more important time to support the overall wellbeing of your team.

Progressive organizations engage and inspire their people. Bolstering resilience can decrease stress, fuel concentration, clarity, and effectiveness; it also fosters a culture of inclusivity and collaboration.

Resilience building fosters flexible, solution-oriented thinking, and optimizes team engagement and interpersonal communications.

Benefits of Evidence-Based Resilience Building for Your Team:

Increased Clarity and Focus

Improved Team Communications

Less Stress and Emotional Reactivity

Enhanced Overall Wellbeing

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Who is Clarity Works?

Our customized, neuroscience-based resilience training programs are informed by industry insights and decades of teamwork experience. Bolstering resiliency builds self-awareness and focus, and inspires a culture of mutual understanding, acceptance, flexibility, and compassion. Building resilience helps to address some of the aspects of workplace culture that can contribute to burn-out.

Give your team the edge that’s needed to succeed. Nicola Bentley’s industry specific, evidence-based, four-week program helps teams be more effective by empowering more focus and fulfilment.

With a unique blend of corporate, government and not for profit experience Nicola knows what leaders, project managers, and team members tackle everyday. Evidence-based resilience practices and mindful workplace tools are combined with decades of her strategic business acumen to lend a unique perspective to our customized team training programs, executive coaching, and facilitation services.

Empower your team with evidence-based resilience training designed
specifically for your workplace.

Discover the benefits of resilience for your team.

The Daily Mindset Guide PDF Preview

Daily Mindset Guide

Practical, accessible resiliency tools for work and home that help you navigate the demands of leadership in all aspects of life with clarity and calm.

In a world of competing demands and a pace that feels frenetic instead of fulfilling, tapping into applied mindful leadership practices any time in your day can engage discernment and choice instead of frustration, stress, and emotional reactivity. 

Bring perspective and focus to any moment with these simple mindset shifts.

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